2020 trends in the entertainment and event industry

With 2020, a new decade has started, a new year, a new journey. Even though the beginning of the year is a perfect time to reflect on our business practices, as a production house in the entertainment and events industry, it is always important to keep an eye on what is happening in the present, learn from the past and anticipate the future trends.

The main challenge in the event and entertainment industry in London is that the bar is already set very high and our clients seem to get very familiar with what already exists and are therefore more difficult to surprise.

In this article, I’ll look into some of the 2020 trends which help to make each and every event a unique experience, whether the event is in the fashion, food or corporate industry.


We know the concept of projection mapping from some of the famous light festivals around the world. The one happening in France in Lyon every year on December the 8h is a good example.

Projection mapping is the art of projecting lighting effects on objects, buildings or other complex landscapes. The projection embraces and adopts the details of the receiving surface to transform it into a theatrical stage. The projection creates a beautiful illusion and story which can bring any adults back into their childhood and children into magical worlds.

A nice example and a close one to my hometown is the reopening of the Colon Theatre (the Opera House in Buenos Aires). This spectacular production involved many artists and performers but a great part of it was the projection mapping on the front of the theatre, converting the magnificent architecture of the venue into the actual performance landscape.

From 3D to 4D

Expanding our reality with 4D has also been a recent way to improve and innovate during events. Cinema has adopted 4D a few years ago adding effects like temperature changes, vibrations or wind simulation into the room while you are watching the film. Same happens in theme parks such as Disney and other locations where you can experience a full visual experience with additional sensorial details.

4D techniques have been used for many years as well by marketing. Do you remember walking into a supermarket alley and suddenly smelling ground coffee? It is well possible that this “experiential marketing” technique was used, spraying the smell, in order to make you feel like buying coffee.

Well, bringing 4D intentionally into events has now become a way to improve your own experience by stimulating your senses.

A while ago I had a meeting where I was talking about a new theatre production and I was not just given pictures and videos from the show, but actually a VR (Virtual Reality) headset so that I could “step in” the show and wonder the space as if I was really there. Could this be the future of not just theatre but also business meetings?!

Immersive Experiences.

Immersive experiences are everywhere. From immersive musical shows to Immersive private events, Immersive dining concepts to Immersive Circus… It is a “booming” concept.

As mentioned in one of our previous articles about our past Immersive Circus Experience, our production of Becoming Shades is the perfect example of this concept.

Becoming Shades is an award-winning dark immersive circus show that combines three primary elements:

  • Immersive theatre
  • Circus
  • Narrative Story

Co-produced between Chivaree Circus and Upstage Creative, this unique production transported more than 5,000 audience members throughout 8 weeks into a breathtaking underworld with interactive performers, magical forests and thrilling scenes.

Why does it make a theatre show an immersive experience? The production has no seating as such, the action happens and develops around the audience, moving them from side to side of the space and putting the cast as well as the story together with the audience at the centre of the action point.

(If you like the sound of it, take a look at our website for more information: https://upstagecreative.co.uk/becoming-shades)

How could you make your private or corporate event immersive?

Some easy and effective ways to make your event immersive could be:

  • Having the performers mingling with the guests and interacting with them.
  • Having all your crew dressed up after the main theme of your event in order to transport your guest into a completely new world
  • Ask your guests to actively take part in a giant game or a flashmob.


Finally, a concept that goes beyond the creative scope of an event or production but fits into our day-to-day lives, is sustainability.

Of course, we want to make our projects as good as possible, as high-standard as possible, to excel all objectives in terms of financial and artistic goals, but this means nothing if we cannot generate a sustainable living method and take care of the most precious thing: our own “little” earth.

The concept of sustainability is now something that together as production companies and professionals of the entertainment industry we have to support and champion. From the point of view of cutting the amount of paper and materials disposed after events, to the type of materials and concepts used, it is essential and it has become more than a “trend” (in other industries such as the fashion world) but a necessity to work around the concept of sustainability as an objective but also as an inspiration.

As an example, we will take a past production we were lucky enough to be involved with as part of the team of producers. The production was “ The Toxic Avenger “ a multi-award-winning show, which ran at the Southwark Playhouse and received huge critical acclaim from audiences and critics. This show was written by Tony Award winners Joe DiPietro and David Bryan, based on Lloyd Kauffman’s 1984 cult classic film from Troma Entertainment.

The production team was led by our good friends at Aria Entertainment and the concept was to build the whole set entirely from disused materials, and “ street elements “. As it is a show based on the use of toxic substances and clearing the world from them, it was the right fit to also include this in the “look” as well as the “concept” behind the built.

The Result? An incredible set! See it for yourself.

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Award Winning Creative Producer, Choreographer & Master of Ceremonies / Founder & Director at Upstage Creative Ltd. Argentine living in London

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Ilai Szpiezak

Ilai Szpiezak

Award Winning Creative Producer, Choreographer & Master of Ceremonies / Founder & Director at Upstage Creative Ltd. Argentine living in London

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